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Courses plateforme are not made for developers. Start creating a real developers experience with our application.

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Our application is optimized to create the perfect course for developers. You can include all type of elements to maximize the learning of developers.
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You can create a community with posts, notifications and more to engage your students.
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Create coupons, monitor your sales, and more to grow your business.
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Create courses that developers love.
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  • GPT-4 everywhere

This is a "nextgen" learning platform that allows you to challenge yourself by coding directly in the browser.

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About the team

I am a solo-founder that create Codeline from scratch because I wanted to create the perfect learning experience for developers.

  • Melvyn Malherbe

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Content creator. Selling courses to more that 1000 students online in the french market.